Corporate Packages 3A’s

Cognivalue mental health experts




Get expert input for your employees’ mental health and wellbeing
Packages begin from GBP 3000 per month.

What companies can expect?

Awareness sessions and Workshops for Dementia, Depression, Anxiety, Mental

Direct access to clinical experts for Assessment of employees’ mental health and wellbeing

Personalised and Confidential Advice from experts tailored to individual employee needs.

An example corporate package may include (For GBP 3000 per month: 2 Awareness sessions/Workshops every 3 months + Assessments and Advice for 3 employees per month ad hoc)
At Cognivalue, we understand that requirements vary for each company and their employees. Hence, tailored and personalised packages and quotes can be availed in a discussion. Please do not hesitate to contact us: